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ANA IMAGINED, a novel by Perrin Ireland
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Ana Imagined

Reviews and Praise

"[A] brilliant debut." — Minneapolis Star Tribune

"What a courageous first book ... Perrin Ireland has created a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts..." — Los Angeles Times

"[A] powerful, and powerfully unsettling novel ... one of the most original works of art to have been inspired by the horror of Bosnia." — Bob Shacochis

"Ireland's writing is lyrical ... Highly recommended." — Library Journal

"Crosses borders of geography, nationality, and faith with the powers of imagination and compassion." — Publisher's Weekly

"... shows the strength and determination that the human spirit can muster in the face of unreasoning violence, and it offers hope for the possibility of healing, both in the political arena and individually..." — Booklist

"[A] powerful, heartbreaking novel." — Denver Post

"[E]xtraordinary ... A wonderful novel—moving and memorable." — Jill McCorkle

"Ireland proves remarkably agile and sensitive." — Kirkus Reviews

"Ireland's spare, subtle, long-form debut displays the best kind of literary self-consciousness ... Ireland never gives in to melodrama, and her heroines compel precisely becaause they're too nervy to be victims." — Boston Magazine

"[A] uniquely strong work." — Tucson Weekly

"Perrin Ireland is a fearless writer and Ana Imagined is a novel of unusual imagination and depth. As the narrative shuttles betweeen Bosnia and Boston, she introduces us to two splended heroines and forces us to consider once again the perilous intersection of public and private history. A remarkable debut." — Margot Livesey